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Darktiger in fursuit at AC'07

Katrina DeLourve, also known as Darktiger or Darktiger77, is a tiger furry from Louisville, Kentucky. Born in May of 1983, Katrina has been in the furry fandom since 1999, though not really active in the community until late 2003. She is a founder of Bluegrass Furs, which started in early 2004. She is also an artist, with accounts on Fur Affinity and deviantArt. She is also a founding member of Derby City Furs and moderator for KyFurs.


Darktiger: Darktiger is a female Sumatran tigress, standing at 5 foot 8 inches, in anthro form. Her color is black color where the typical orange is, and charcoal gray stripes, hence the name. Her stripes resemble tribal tattoo designs instead of the typical tiger stripes. She is usually found wearing a tank top and jeans, a very down to earth kitty, she is very open minded, and it is rather hard to get on her bad side.

She is usually in anthro form, though will on occasion be in feral form. In feral form, her facial characteristics take on a more animal-like form, seeming to lose all their human similarities. Usually in this form, she is hunting something, or in a not so pleasant mood.

Her markings still remain the same in both forms, and she also retains her piercings, two in each ear.

Gypsy: Gypsy is a female Gypsy Vanner, also known as a Gypsy Cob (USA and UK), Coloured Cob (UK), Irish Cob, or "Tinker Horse". With skewbald markings standing around 5 foot 9 inches tall in anthro form. She is a full figured character with 'real women proportions' which is very similar to the breed being a draft style horse. Gypsy has three distinct personalities: one being the typical nomadic Romani, which are usually called gypsies. The second being a Native American shaman or tribe member. The third being a flirt.


The Darktiger fursuit premiered at Anthrocon 2007. The suit was created by Silent Ravyn. All stripes on the suit are hand-sewn. There are 61 stripe pieces in the whole suit that were all sewn in, and if done in one sitting would have taken 4 straight days of sewing to complete. The head is built on a balaclava base with moving jaw and 3D eyes. More pictures of the completed suit can be found in the Darktiger gallery on Silent Ravyn's website.

The Gypsy fursuit is set to premiere at Mephit Fur Meet 14 and is being created by Furr Happens.


Darktiger's first convention was Anthrocon 2007 where she premiered her Darktiger fursuit. Since then she has attended Mephit Furmeet 2007, Midwest Furfest 2007, Rocket City FurMeet 2008, Anthrocon 2008, Mephit Fur Meet 12, Midwest FurFest 2008, Rocket City FurMeet 2009, Megaplex 8, Mephit Fur Meet 13, and Midwest FurFest 2009 and will be attending Rocket City FurMeet 2010, Mephit Fur Meet 14 and Midwest FurFest 2010.

She is also convention staff for Rocket City Furmeet and works in the Dealers Den.

Charity Work[edit]

Katrina regularly does charity work for many organizations. During Halloween she volunteers in suit at local events for The Louisville Zoo and local fire departments. She also participates in Relay for life events through her work and other give back events around her community. She has also assisted at a local homeless shelter that helps educate females with children so they can get back on their feet.

Real world[edit]

Katrina graduated from Butler Traditional High School in 2001, while in high school she was involved in the band playing trumpet and clarinet, was in All-State and Quad-State choirs her senior year, and even won a scholarship when she helped the bowling team win regionals (which was the highest competition at the time). She was also involved with winter guard and was a member of the senior prom committee. She is also kept busy by her son, born in December 2002.

Katrina currently works for the Geek Squad since August 2006 at Geek Squad City in Brooks, KY. She helps tame unruly computer behavior as a CIA, short for Counter Intelligence Agent. At work she is involved in WoLF (short for Women of Leadership Forum) which encourages female employees to advance to higher levels of management and educates the male dominated industry on the needs of women customers.

Katrina enjoys spending her time being a gamer, playing a variety of games. Some games that she enjoys are Guild Wars, City of Heroes, DDR, and many other games. Katrina also enjoys occasionally playing games on her Sega Game Gear, which was her first video game player.

Katrina is in a relationship with Onyx Snowfoot. They have been dating since June of 2002. Darktiger and Onyx were engaged at AC'07 and were married on the 18th of October, 2008.

Katrina enjoys making things with her hands. She has made jewelery, including necklaces and earrings. She has made floral arrangements, and also made flowers and centerpieces for a wedding in June 2006. She has also made a few tails one for her own character and one for Onyx's character. She also draws abstract tribal tattoo designs and has been doing that for about 5 years now. She also does a bit of digital art including her name graphics that she makes which can take her many hours to create, also she loves to take photos and would like to be a professional photographer at some point.

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