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Anna 'Darkmoon' K. (born March 19th 1993) is a female artist who has been on the furry scene since 2005, joining at age 13. Her fursona Darkmoon is a coydog.

Art style[edit]

Anna uses primarily traditional mediums in her work, which features mainly anthropomorphic canines, rats, and opossums, but she draws humans as well. She has a more comic style, which she states was influenced by Craig McCracken and Dr. Seuss, in addition to her main, more realistic art style. Many of her characters are drawn with prominent eyebags, as if unhealthy, and/or are drawn to be purposefully underweight or even emaciated. Their designs are often reminiscent of glamfur artwork, although she was not part of the original movement.


Darkmoon is Anna's fursona as well as her name in the fandom. She is a tan-and-gold anthropomorphic coydog, a coyote and domesticated dog hybrid with a few, simple markings. She has long, fringed prick ears and several ear piercings and facial piercings. Originally, Darkmoon was a wolf mix but she updated her fursona's design in 2008 to the current species and look. Previously her nose bridge piercing, which sometimes had glasses frames attached to either end of the barbell jewelry, was a main identifying feature but this was phased out in 2011 in favor of a labret and double nostril piercings. Her hair, which reflects Anna's hair in real life, always has purple bangs cut in a v shape and black sides framing the face. The rest of her hair, which is usually brown but may be green or blue, is typically cut in a short, boyish look but sometimes is shaved or stubbly or features a deathhawk, a ratty, snarly form of a mohawk. Darkmoon has a side storyline that is rarely brought up or illustrated in which she is little sister to her male fursona, and helps him to run a babysitting/monster hunting business. Mainly, however, she is a real-life representation of the artist. Darkmoon's personality is creative, somewhat pessimistic at times, excitable, busy, and given to anxiety. She identifies as '90% gay' and is mostly drawn alone or with friends' fursonas.

Felix is Darkmoon's male form, who is similar to Darkmoon except his ears and snout are longer, he has no piercings except his ears and nosebridge, he always wears a mohawk in addition to the bangs and sides, he is taller and hugely thinner, he has different tattoos, and where his fingers and toes turn a different color, the line of change is rounded instead of straight across the knuckles/foot. He is usually more relaxed and cheerful than Darkmoon. Felix is also homosexual.
Bailey is Anna's oldest character, appearing in her art as early as 2006. He is an exaggeratedly tall, emaciated black and white kitsune-cat demon mix that she describes as a 'glamfur' and 'dandy.' He is an underdressing transvestite and occasional drag queen who revels in fashion, art, and the superficial. He is given to crippling anxious moods and suffers from several anxiety and personality disorders as well as several mild autistic spectrum disorders, including ADHD. He has several comical pet rats. The character took a brief hiatus from late 2009 to early 2011, during which time he was rarely drawn or mentioned.
Danno is Anna's most-illustrated character and was first drawn in August of 2009. He is a young human of Irish descent with a bedraggled appearance and a pixie-esque face. His girlfriend, Emma, is also human and has a white-eared opossum fursona. They is in a garage punk-rock band called Bad Spider, for which he is the frontman and drummer (Think Phil Collins) and she is the keyboardist. They self-identify their genre as 'Piss-Pop Rock.' He has an opossum fursona which she illustrates most frequently out of all her chracters and her comic style is supposed to be similar to how she imagines Dan's art would be. She is working on a storyline for a comic in which he is the focus character.
Other Characters

Anna has many characters; a few of those most commonly illustrated and commissioned are listed below.

  • Carlos Maria DeMort-a half-angelic half-human hispanic transgirl. She has an anthro and feral form that is a cute bushbaby monster with bird of paradise-bat wings. She's a friend of Dan's. Created in 2008.
  • Derrick 'Garbage' Ravenbrook-a caucasian human male who is most often drawn as his fursona, Garbage, which is a rat. He is drawn in adult work sometimes. Created in 2007.
  • Lancelot/Emilie Baker-a glamfur-inspired cream-and-white albino rat which is capable of changing sex at will. Lancelot started life as a male and acquired the ability to switch his sex when he was 18 using dangerous magick. He is a nonsexual bi-romantic practicing wytch and multi-talented artist. Created in March of 2010.
  • Lindsay Powers-a hairless chinese crested that originally was drawn as an effeminate man. Eventually the character became a post-op transgirl. She enjoys dancing and wears a great deal of pink. Created in 2008.
  • Liam Anthony Starling-a caucasian human male who appears in her art at times but more frequently in her short stories. He is a recovering drug addict and "very" 'out' gay man in a relationship with an anthropomorphic grey tabby named Andy. He's friends with the band. Created in August of 2009.
  • Rachel 'Trashcan' Green-a caucasian human female who is most often drawn as her fursona, Trashcan, which is a virginia opossum-chinese crested mix. She is drawn most often in adult work. Derrick is her boyfriend. Created in 2007.
  • Sam Milosovichi-an undead woman, aged in her late forties, who appears most frequently as a 10-year-old girl, as that was the age at which she died. She has several anthro and feral forms. Carlos is her half-sister. Created in 2007.
  • Steffen-a caucasian human biomale genderqueer. He uses male pronouns but appears mostly feminine. He is emaciated and suffers from severe anorexia, and is Emma's ex-boyfriend. He appears in her art occasionally.

Stance on the fandom[edit]

Anna has stated on numerous occasions her disgust in regards to many typically furry fetishes, especially zoophilia and cub art, which she finds to be morally unacceptable. Her profile on Furaffinity states,

"I do ID as a furry (I guesssss) and while I'm not against Plain Jane everyday, conventional porn drawn with furries in it (hell I even like some of it), I am either incredibly against/disgusted by/totally uninterested in the majority of furry fetishes (and some not furry fetishes too).....It's not like I'm against everything. I'm not a total prude about the fandom, after all: I have things I like, and some of them may creep other people out, for all I know. I draw adult work, but at a minimum: there's enough of that in the community without me having to add to it every day."

She has expressed interest in attending conventions and has attended Anthrocon once in the past, and enjoys non-adult fursuits; those aspects of the fandom that are not concerned with morality issues do not give her cause for concern. Her furotica details anthropomorphic or human characters. The fetishes she does illustrate are underweight or emaciated figures and various aspects of BDSM including femdom.

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