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Darkmane's Halloween icon
Ray -- Darkmane's secondary fursona

Darkmane Arweinydd is a babyfur who lives in the United Kingdom. His fursona is a cream lion who comes from Mars.

He also owns 2 other sonas.

Ray Arweinydd - A black wolf who is seen as the support wolf of his main fursona.

Austin Arweinydd - A black / pink hybrid who is the son of Ray Arweinydd.

Darkmane creates basic furry art on his Facebook page.

Darkmane can exist as anyone or anything, even after death.

He also owns the sona Ray Arweinydd which is his "support wolf"

Ray was born feral, but after an experiment, he is now anthro, although he does exhibit more than one feral behavior, as well as acting fully feral at times.

Darkmane's Backstory[edit]

To start off, Darkmane was born as a result of abusive parents “yiffing” every weekend. And he was a result of one of those weekends.

When Darkmane was born, it was obvious that he had something wrong… He was… blind? He couldn’t see a thing. The world was pure blackness.

Luckily, the medical science team when he was born, did become aware of this, because sure as hell, his parents wouldn’t of given him the cybernetic eye implants, that Darkmane was equipped with.

During his life span, Darkmane was horribly abused. Unwanted. His parents saw him as an “inconvenience” and grudgingly mistreated him.

This is the only memory Darkmane had of his parents, because… at a young age, they got so fed up of Darkmane. They had him evicted from the planet and sent to Derolth.

On Derolth, Darkmane met many friends, as well as another family. His life was complete. He even met another boy that he became romantically attracted to.

But… as all stories go, good becomes bad. And war broke out. “Derolth vs Mars” was a main headline fur ages! Darkmane was sent out to this war, with his boyfriend… and the military life begun fur him.

During the war, Darkmane’s unit was bombed. Which caused a massive effect on Darkmane. Dark was sent out of the war and had cybernetic arms implanted into him. These cybernetic arms contained weapons, which they felt would aide the war.

During this war Darkmane was forced to kill his parents. But he had little memory of them. As well as them not having any idea of who he was. He unknowingly gave them a deadly blow to the neck with his teeth, and that was that. His parents… were eradicated.

After the war, Darkmane returned to his planet with an MC (Military Cross) pinned onto his outfit by his commander. He was now a war hero! People admired him, fur he was a war hero!

As an adult, Darkmane grew to become the leader of Derolth because of his fame… And eventually adopted some cubs. He then settled down in a house in Derolth. Living happily until he either died… Or got called back to battle.

Ray's Backstory[edit]

Ray always was a nice cub.. and aspired to be something different since birth, he saw the others… police dogs.. medical assistants.. those didn’t interest him. He wanted to help someone… help his master.

Ray joined to train as an assistance dog in Derolth at a young age, and as part of his course learned basic medical training. He could help his master if his master should ever be in danger. But he hoped that would be never.

After a long training process, Ray grew up to become an adult support wolf, and it was time for him to go to a new master.. someone that needed him.

On the day, Ray’s eyes beamed! He knew he was going to someone he could help! He was so excited!

A lion came into his would-be house at the time, and looked him in the eyes, with a soft voice he said “Aren’t you a cutie, you adorable wolf” - Ray looked at him.. knowing this was his master. The person he would serve. His eyes beamed again, and his tail wagged, licking the lion’s hand.

Many weeks later, Ray still had no name, but his master performed a master experiment on him. One that would make him into an anthro! So he could communicate with his master! His tail wagged in joy!

Unfortunately, though, the experiment failed… a bit?

He got hit by a red beam. Staining his fur like markings. But… the experiment worked! He could walk & talk like his master! Everything was good!


it wasn’t.

Dark was called out to the war, and Ray had to join him. The war was long, but eventually, it was won.

Ray came back unharmed… but as for his master, you can’t really say the same.

Ray helped Dark for as much as he could, becoming a family pet. Until a dreaded day… Dark attacked… leaving a permanent scar on his neck. If this scar was ever to be disturbed, then who knows…? It could be fatal.

Austin [1][edit]

Austin is one of Dark's younger sonas, and his most commonly used sona in the babyfur community.

Austin is portrayed as a newborn, which has been formed from a genetic splice of Ray’s DNA, and Cytus’ DNA.

He is a mix of his fathers, being covered in fur, but having soft, silky skin, and crocodilian features, although the wolf from his dominant father ray is what shows the most. (2/3 Wolf, 1/3 Crocodile)

He has a blackish fur color with a white neck and pinkish spots. His eyes were a mix of Brown and Red. One eye red, one Brown.

He is only a few inches tall. As he is a newborn, and his facial features are mostly that of a wolf, but his teeth arranged as a crocodiles would be.

To the eyes, Austin looks like a wolf. However down under, he possesses some crocodilian features such as silked skin.



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