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Darke Katt is a black cat character created by Eric W. Schwartz. Darke, as indicated by her name, is a dark-natured character. For a living, she works as a janitor at Double Z Studios. She has made cameo appearances in such roles the webcomic Sabrina Online.


  • Species: Housecat
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Sexuality: Best guess is bisexual, but with a preference for males
  • Likes: food, shelter, and security
  • Dislikes: her job, or at least what's involved in it

Fictional Biography[edit]

Darke Katt is best known as the cranky foul-mouthed janitor at ZZ Studios. She grew up bouncing from orphanage to orphanage, not knowing if she had parents, much less who they were. Upon turning eighteen, she was cast out onto the street, becoming one of the city's homeless. It was a rough life, where trust only led to others taking advantage. After nearly a year of living on the street, Darke got into an altercation with Zig Zag, damaging her fur and her ability to work on-screen for a while. As compensation, Zig put her to work cleaning up the studio, which became a regular job, and the means to a more stable life.

Her rough early life made Darke unable to fully trust anyone. She's usually hostile toward everyone, as if she's trying to drive others away before she gets hurt by them. She's had some relationships in and out of the studio, her most recent and notable being Tamar the Ebony Leopard, but they rarely last very long due to her sharp tongue and sharper claws. She complains profusely about having to clean up after porno shoots at the studio, but deep down she thanks Zig Zag for giving her the job, and taking her off the street. She'd never say that to her face though. Oddly, Darke has never showed interest in appearing in the studio's videos, and Zig Zag has never offered either.

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