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This article covers the Dark B-Da, the villains of the series, Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden (ボンバーマンビーダマン爆外伝). These characters closely resemble kappa-like creatures.

Dark Iyami[edit]


Dark Iyami (voiced in the series by Shigeru Chiba) is one of Draken's first subordinates. He took the form of "Iyami Bomber", a curator of a museum to steal the energy from the Bomber gang in the planetarium.

Dark Iyami made his first appearance in Episode 5.

Dark Ibari[edit]


Dark Ibari (voiced in the series by Akitoshi Ohmori) is another one of Draken's subordinates. His evil scheme was to produce a dark bazooka by capturing the B-Daron of the forest where Pipo lived.

Dark Ibari made his first appearance in Episode 7.

Dark Shinobi[edit]


Dark Shinobi (voiced in the series by Wataru Takagi) is Draken's third subordinate. He took the form of "Shinobi Bomber" to disguise himself in order to steal Dr.Gray Bomber's blueprints for his inventions. When that plan failed, he went back to his regular form and tried to invade Dr.Gray Bomber's laboratory.

Dark Shinobi made his first appearance in Episode 8.

Dark Toami[edit]


Dark Toami (voiced in the series by Yoku Shioya) is an old member of the Dark B-Da. He would occasionally drink sake to ease the tone of certain situations. He is often referred to as "Senior" by Momite Bomber.

Dark Toami made his first appearance in Episode 17.

Dark Baaya[edit]


Dark Baaya (voiced in the series by Noriko Ohara) is one of Sildork's subordinates. She is a short old lady that can lift barbells of 200kgs (440lbs). The wrinkles of her body can be stretched by inhaling air, giving her the ability to transform into a beautiful tall young woman.

Dark Baaya made her first appearance in Episode 29.

Dark Jigoro[edit]


Dark Jigoro (voiced in the series by Tetsuya Iwanaga) is Sildork's other subordinate, along with Dark Baaya. Jigoro is the youngest in the Dark B-Da clan. Because he is young, he doesn't know everything that happens around him, so he just follows Baaya's steps. Sometimes he gets embarrassed when Baaya makes a ruckus about him in front of the clan.

Dark Jigoro made his first appearance in Episode 29.

Dark Burakko[edit]


Burakko (voiced in the series by Takashi Yoshida) is Dark Nosutora's subordinate. Burakko always seems to have cheap tricks up his sleeve to try to defeat White Bomber and his friends.

Dark Burakko made his first appearance in Episode 29.

Dark Nosutora[edit]


Dark Nosutora (voiced in the series by Masashi Sugawara is a member of the Dark B-Da with a sarcastic personality sometimes, but serious when times call for it. He only strives to win for victory.

Dark Nosutora made his first appearance in Episode 29.



Draken (voiced in the series by Kunihiko Yasui)is one of Dark B-Da's four lords. Draken tries to eliminate White Bomber and friends, but his weakness is receiving praise and compliments from others. He and Sildork both become bashful when the kids playfully joke about their love each other.

Draken made his first appearance in Episode 7.



Sildork (voiced in the series by Yousuke Akimoto) is one of the four lords of the Dark B-Da. He is the largest out of everyone in the clan and the guards are deathly afraid of him. He gets angered quite easily and poses a threat to anyone who crosses him.

Sildork made his first appearance in Episode 29.

Dark Prince[edit]


Dark Prince ( voiced in the series by Nobutoshi Hayashi is the master of the Dark B-Da. When Black Bomber's twin brother Jack was kidnapped, Jack lost all of his memory and took the form of the evil Dark Prince.

Dark Prince made his first appearance in Episode 35.