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Zel Harris

DarkZel, also known as FluffierThanYou (real name Zel Harris,[1] née Zachary Harris; born August 3, 1986,[2] died May, 2013), was an artist and writer[3] whose fursona species was "Grey fox".[4] Originally from Albany, Georgia, USA,[2] he later lived in South Korea.[5][6] On May 6, 2013, Tredain Doe reported that DarkZel had been recently killed in South Korea, hit by a bus as he crossed the street.[6]

In 2006, DarkZel was a guest at the Project A-Kon anime convention in Dallas, Texas.[7]


DarkZel's work was published in Furrlough #150,[3] Genus Male #7,8,[3] and The Royal Tail #1.[3]


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