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DarkXander is the founder of FurrTrax. His fursona is a red anthropomorphic dragon.

Fandom involvement[edit]

DarkXander is the founder of furry social networking and collaboration site FurrTrax.[1] Due to a pedestrian accident, he only attends a few local furry events, and prefers to pass on larger events.

In October 2014, Xander assisted Azfurs.com[2] in beefing their firewall rules, and some other minor security aspects as an act of friendship to the site after they had some minor issues.

In January 2016, Xander became aware of an SQL injection vulnerability at furry auction site FurBuy.[3] Once he had established contact with Jurann, they worked together to fix the affected Perl code and protect site members from the flaw.


Xander competed repeatedly at the now-defunct Firebird Raceway on the Gila River Indian reservation in Arizona; first using his 2004 Mustang Stroker 4.2L, and more recently a 1996 Mustang GT and a 2007 Ford Mustang GT after the 2004 Mustang was totaled by a reckless driver. After Firebird Raceway was closed and later renamed to Wild Horse Pass Raceway, Xander returned several times to race before being kicked off temporarily for a clothing violation in which an official complained that his pants didn't fully come down to his ankles - an offense disputed by Xander.

Xander refuses to race for money or car ownership, because he's "not in it for the stress or hassle of high stakes, just to have fun, and enjoy the rush". When at official racecourses, Xander only competes in amateur, exhibition, and practice groups. He also frequents car shows, and sometimes street racing events. Thanks to extensive dyno-tuning and modifications, Xanders 2007 Ford Mustang GT pulls 0-60 MPH in 4.2 seconds.


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