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DarkOverord, since his update in 2013, drawn by himself
DarkOverord, prior 2013, drawn by himself

DarkOverord, occasionally known as DarkOverord Occassus or DarkOverord NoSpace (born July 24, 1989), is a furry artist who resides in Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom[1].

Overord's fursona is a red dragon with a grey underbelly, large wings, and messy orange hair. This design has been mostly consistent from mid-2005[2], with one prior design without the hair, and had an yellow-orange underbelly that was used briefly in early 2005[3]. In February 2013, Overord changed his fursona to that of a pooltoy/inflatable dragon[4], retaining similar features as the prior design.


Overord discovered the furry fandom in 2006. However, he did not identify as furry until 2007, and became active in Manchester's furry community after attending Manchester's Main Meet in November 2007. He cites Sonic the Hedgehog as a franchise, and its associated fandom, as being one of the main reasons he discovered the furry fandom and furries in general.

Overord was the organiser of the NorthernFurs Manchester Minimeets between June 2010[5] and August 2012[6]. In addition to attending the furmeets held in Manchester, and others held in Chester and Leeds, he has attended ConFuzzled in 2010 and 2011.


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