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Dark-Paws (born September 12, 1974)[1] is a fursuiter and fursuit maker who lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.[1] His fursona is a wolf.

Dark-Paws builds fursuits under the label "Dark Creations", and owns several personal costumes:[2]

  • Dark-Paws, his first fursuit, depicting his fursona. Dark-Paws was inspired to construct this suit by fursuit-builder Loopy, who made the head for this costume. Due to wear and tear, this fursuit has been retired.
  • Dark-Paws2.0 and Dark-Paws3.0, further iterations of his Dark-Paws fursuit.
  • Alice Woofer, a white wolf whose appearance was inspired by rock singer Alice Cooper.
  • Canusky the canadian husky, a canadian themed husky with a red maple leaf on his back.
  • Diablo the Bull, a black and red bull with white horns and hooves.[3]


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