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Daria McGrain is an artist who is particularly known for her images of the unusually-colored male skunks P.B. & Jay. Her art and comics have been published in Genus, and she was an editor for the first three issues of Genus Male. She also has material on the pay site Club Stripes. She was a Guest of Honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007.


  • Daria McGrain's Guy Collection #2, (2007?), 24 pages, color, mini size. M/M. "Retired"/Out of print.[1]
  • Mixed Drinks folio, 2007, 14 pages, b&w, digest-size. M/F with character Gin.
  • Passion folio, 2006, 14 pages, color, digest-size. F/F.
  • Peaches & Cream Sticker Set, 2005, 8 stickers. Miu's Peaches and Cream cast: characters Peaches, Cream, Jam, Blueberry, Cookies, Milk, P.B. & Jay.


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