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Darastrix cover.png
The front cover of Darastrix.
Author(s) Morgoth883
Launch date March 9, 2008
End Date Ongoing
Darastrix Autumn; the cast of Darastrix taking a stroll in woods.
Darastrix is a weekly anthro webcomic by Scottish artist Morgoth883. It features around a group of eight friends, living out their ordinary lives in a not so ordinary world. Personal problems, dragon eggs and secrets from the past spell the beginnings of an exciting adventure.

The race featured in this comic are a dragonkin species of the same name as the title. The particulars of the Darastrix race have yet to be outlined in the comic, including certain biological anomalies and social trends both past and present.

A number of Darastrixes.

Darastrix are a fictional dragonkin race who feature in the webcomic of the same name. They have flamboyant ears and their long, muscular tails. They come in a variety of colours (blue being the most common, followed by tan/bronze, then red, gold and lilac); though their underbelly is always a shade of cream/beige (which is either lighter or darker depending on their overall colour and their location).


  • Alex: A spritely and energetic blue Darastrix with a taste for mischief, photography and world renown.
  • Skip: A solidly built tan Darastrix with a love of physical activity, vegetarian food and simple living.
  • Jack: A shy blue Darastrix with a kindly, unassertive demeanor. Prone to speaking without thinking and rarely thinking what he doesn't speak.
  • Jen: An unassuming blue Darastrix full of sarcasm and black humour. Close friends with Jack and certainly not related.
  • Hanna: A hard working blue Darastrix with a pragmatic outlook on life, often expressed through heavy-browed scowl.
  • Rose: A scantily-clad red Darastrix with a taste for boys, booze and berating others.
  • Sophy: A intelligent lilac Darastrix with a heavily-observed past and an almost unique skin colour.
  • Pyotre: An aristocratic gold Darastrix with a nose for knowledge, money and power. Old fashioned in certain outlooks on life.

Other information[edit]

Promotional image announcing the end of a short hiatus.

Darastrix has been running as an online comic since 9th March 2008 at The Ministry of Suspect Humour. It has been running for some time with its own url at http://www.darastrix.co.uk (Note - when accessed April 9, 2011, it appears the account is suspended).

Morgoth has been creating this comic while studying art and animation at college and university respectively.

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