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Danielle Conrad is a character from Sabrina Online who first appeared in "Flash-Forward". She is the daughter of Sabrina and R.C. Raccoon, niece of Tabitha, and the granddaughter of Warren, Endora and Conrad and Rainflower Conrad.

In the sequel, Baby Steps, Danielle has appeared so far as an infant with a prodigious fascination for technology, having swiped Zig Zag's cell phone less than an hour after being born, and then secretly operating it in the maternity ward. She becomes fussy and cranky when the phone is removed from her possession and when Zig Zag removes all questionable content from it, Danielle proves her prowess as a savant by downloading and playing Candy Crush, much to Sabrina and Zig Zag's astonishment, as well as draining $200 of in game gold from Tracey's phone when left idle with it at an amusement park.

Danielle shows many similarities with her flashback counterpart from the main story fifteen years in the future, already showing signs of annoyance and even a touch of arrogance regarding the world around her. Most notable is her obsession and prowess with technology, phones in particular. Her display of emotions is very limited, even for an infant, relegated mostly to the mentioned annoyance. For instance, she has yet to be seen properly smiling at something other than her phone and while she seems to love her parents, she usually regards them and their antics with a sense of annoyance and boredom elevated far beyond that of her age level.

As of the most recent chapters, Danielle is shown to be talking quote fluidly despite still being a little over a year old. However, her dialogue is nearly entirely limited to her phone, her desire to use it and her demands to have it when it's taken away from her.

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