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Daniel "Clockwork" Hopkins

Daniel Hopkins, full Daniel Van Hopkins, also known as Clockwork (born 1982 in Hillsboro, Ohio, USA, died March 9, 2015), was a furry writer and brony who lived in Dover, Pennsylvania.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Hopkins was the creator of the online forum game, Trinton Chronicles, and the host of the Lunar Echoes podcast, which aired on Luna Radio and Ponyville Live.


Hopkins' character was a MLP unicorn pony


Hopkins' writing credits include poems, short mini-novels, and a short series named The 10 Pack.


Hopkins died on March 9, 2015[1][2] of non-disclosed causes. The Knoxville, Tennessee-based Super Speedy Cider Con dedicated that year's convention to Clockwork for his support of the convention and its staff.


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