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Daniel A. Skirtandzy by KatieThyla

Daniel A. Skirtandzy (born 1992) is an orange tabby cat furry, currently living in Pennsylvania, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dan first heard of the fandom in late 2003, but paid little mind to it, soon forgetting about it. A few years later, while researching about hybridization for a school project, he stumbled upon the fandom again. This time something clicked, and kept his attention, as he spent more time researching it.

In early 2008, he found a furry community at Gamespot forums, which led him to Furaffinity. While still new to the fandom, be met a few other younger furs, who led him to Furry Teens Forums. Dan generally spends his time now on a few forums, Furaffinity, and the IRC chatrooms.

Fursonas and characters[edit]

Dan currently has one main fursona, with two alternates.

  • Daniel is Dan’s main fursona. He is an orange tabby, who’s age and attitude fall in line with Dan.
  • Li’l Dan is Dan’s cub fursona. He is generally playful and expressive. Like Daniel, he is a cat.
  • Sydney is Dan’s female character, and a Welsh Corgi.

The FezCat[edit]

One thing Daniel has become recognizable by, is his main fursona, Dan, wearing a fez. This has led to be known by many as the 'FezCat'. The icon itself came from Tod Wills' Icon Days on Livejournal. To deter requests of copywritten characters, users were threatened with getting a cat in a fez. With the matching fursona, Dan then requested the icon as such, leading to the well-known icon.

Meets and Conventions[edit]

At the end of 2010, Dan started taking a look into participating in meets and conventions.

To date, he has attended: [(S) Staff (V) Volunteer]

as well as a handful of other local events.


In early 2011, Daniel obtained a pre-made partial suit from Spiritwolven.

In 2013, he won an auction for a full suit, this one made by DTWA.


Outside the fandom, Dan is usually not without a camera, as photography is a major hobby.

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