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Dandy the Jaguar was born in Mildura, a town in northern Victoria (Australia) on April 13th, 1990. After completing high school education in 2007, Dandy moved to Melbourne and has since became an active member of the local furry community.

Art and Crafting[edit]


Dandy is an eclectic artist, working with many different mediums. Although Dandy's name is not very well-known as yet amongst the other artists of the fandom, Dandy still works hard and hopes that one day her works will be as recognised as some of the works of more established artists.

Dandy's first love, art-wise, is taxidermy. Dandy will only ever work with animals that have not died for sport, such as roadkill and pre-frozen reptile feeder animals, and has been known to strike up friendships with assorted pet shops to take 'store casualties' off their hands. Dandy believes that by preserving them, the animals she uses are honored in a more lasting way than burial; she believes that it is better to put the body to use and to allow people to admire the animals for decades than to allow the animals to rot away and not be remembered.

Digital and Traditional Art

Dandy has been a traditional artist, off and on, for many years. In 2008, she acquired her first Wacom tablet and has since taken to digital art very well. She has been known to drastically underprice her commissions just to have something to draw that people will enjoy.

Despite believing that her digital art is quicker and more efficient to produce, she paradoxically takes enormously larger amounts of time on them than traditional, owing to her habit of going over tiny details for hours until she is satisfied with them.

Fursuit Making

With a background in making her own clothes, it was not surprising that Dandy would eventually begin to make fursuits. While this is a new artistic venture, she is enthusiastic about her progress and has ideas for all kinds of future fursuits.

Unfortunately, this is the branch of art that costs Dandy the most money to produce so not a lot of these fursuit plans come to fruition; however, Dandy is optimistic that when she has the money, she is sure to create more suits.

Bone Carving

Another recent artistic development, bone carving came about as a sideproduct of taxidermy; Dandy wants to use as much of each animal as possible, and bones are always plentiful. The carving is done with a small assortment of electric drills, grinders and sanders.

The density of bone and the toxicity of the resulting dust means that bone carving production times are often quite long; manyy people have visited Dandy and found her covered in a thick layer of white dust from hours of carving.


Other artistic pursuits include:

    • Clothes modification
    • Stencilling
    • Clay modelling
    • Leatherworking
    • Writing
    • Skull painting


Dandy's work can be seen on these galleries; she is easily contacted via these addresses, and almost always replies to every comment.

FurAffinity Gallery: [1]

DeviantArt Gallery: [2]