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Picture of Damien's Husky fursona

Rekkie (born July 27, 1986),[1] is a German Shepherd/Grizzly Bear hybrid.


Due to Rekkie's long stint as a podcaster on KnotCast many details of his personal life are know.

In episode 24 he described himself as "a big gay furry bear". He is mated to Serro, and currently lives in Texas.

Before changing his name to Rekkie, he went by Damien. He acquired that nickname because when he was in school, he was very polite, and as an ironic nickname his teachers would call him Damien as a reference to the devil child. For most of his life, he was raised by his grandmother under the understanding that she was his mother, and lived with his mother under the assumption she was his sister. When he was in his late teens, he found out about the deception. For other family members, he mentioned that he has an aunt who he has good relations with, and another grandmother, separate from the one that raised him on the assumption she was his mother, who is generally very bitter and has been described by Zapnut, one of his roommates and a fellow podcaster, as "a lemoneater."

He worked for a long period of time with FuzzWolf, likely at some kind of insurance company.

With his time on Knotcast Damien was known for his very straightforward answers, which more often than other podcasters include violent advice, often to the form of solving problems by taking violence against other people, or self-harm. Further, he was outwardly anti-religious, and went on record many times with his views about the evils of religious people, particularly Christian fundamentalists.

For the first 25 episodes of Knotcast, his fursona was a husky. Soon before Episode 26 he decided to change his fursona to a kangaroo.


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