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Dame Fortune, also known as Bitters, Dame or Damie by close friends, and formally as Lady Luck or Lady Fortune, is a bi/polysexual furry artist and writer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dame began her life into the furry fandom quite early, although not knowing much about it at the time. In her elementary years, she read the Redwall series written by Brian Jacques, which inspired her to draw and write about anthropomorphic characters. Along with the Redwall series, older Disney movies, and other various cartoons continued this inspiration, of which she still loves and is inspired by today. Her introduction with deviantART sealed the deal as she grew older, and with her passion to create in the furry fandom, her love for artistic endeavors grew and widened.


The character Dame is an anthropomorphic snow leopard, although with several modifications in the usual snow leopard anatomy. She has a darker gray main body, with a medium gray underbelly, fingers, palms, foot-paws, neck, and tipped muzzle. Her rosettes (spots) are black to very dark gray, and the centers range from a light gray, white, or the neon colors blue, purple, or green. Dame's tail has larger rosettes, and also has stripes of bright colors, of which change to the situation, but colors are mostly dependent on her mood.

Cooler colors range the emotions to calm, relaxed, sad, warmer colors for bubbly, excited, angry, and so on. Her hair is a reddish brunette, and cut depends on the owner of the character, although it has recently has been depicted as a very short cut. Her ears, elbows, and foot paws have extensive longer fur, and her tail is also thicker than the usual feline tail. Dame's ears are also larger and rounder than a typical snow leopard's.

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