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DamagedDolphin, also known as Dolfin, is a fursuiter who lives in Hawaii, USA. He is a self-proclaimed geek who works with development boards such as RaspberryPi and Arduino. He is also an avid user of the Linux operating system.

DamagedDolphin plays the theremin[1].

Fandom activities[edit]

DamagedDolphin has been active in the furry fandom since 1996.[2]


DamagedDolphin's first fursona was a fox but later changed it to be a dusky dolphin. He has the common gray markings seen on that species.


He is a Zen Buddhist[3], follows the five precepts of the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama[4], and believes in reincarnation.

Conventions and meets[edit]

DamagedDolphin has attended:


DamagedDolphin has a partial fursuit which was built by CorvidCreations,[5] and debuted at the Biggest Little Fur Con 2017.[6]

Real life[edit]

DamagedDolphin lived in California all of his life until he moved to Hawaii in 2015. He is married and has no kids.


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