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Dallas Greenwolf is a fursuiter who lives and works in Grand Island, Nebraska, USA.[1]


Dallas has three fursonas:

  • Dallas, his primary fursona. Dallas is a green, red, and white timberwolf,[2] dubbed the Christmas Tree Wolf due to his coloration. His eyes are purple and he has a fox-like tail.
  • Kiboe, a corgsky (corgi/husky cross breed). Kiboe has green fur, with a white underside. His muzzle is white, as are the inside of his ears. His wrists and feet have blue bands, and on his back he has a black "saddle" pattern that goes to the top of his tail, which is that of a Siberian Husky.
  • Berry, a pink and white German Shepherd with heart markings on his tail and cheeks.


Dallas' fursuit depicts his character Kiboe. Kiboe was constructed by Joecifur,[3] and debuted at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2013.


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