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The Dallas Brawl is an APA started by Mel. White[1], owner of Laughing Coyote Press, around 1990 or so as a waitlist for people who were waiting to join the Bizarre Warz, a larger ZAPzine run by Glen Wooten. (Bizarre Wars itself was a morph of the original Barr Wars artists' 'zine.)

Originally called The Waitlister's Brawl, it did exactly the same thing, thus allowing those who were waiting to hone their skills and enjoy the friendly war. This waitlist in time became its own ZAPzine as Laughing Coyote Press expanded it. Since LCP was centered around Dallas, the APA was renamed The Dallas Brawl.

In late 1997 time constraints and other projects at LCP resulted in The Dallas Brawl's near end. Flinthoof and Tibo of Jarlidium Press took over the helm, operating the Brawl until the end of 2002 at which time Jarlidium faced the same issues as LCP had a few years earlier; once more the Brawl faced closure. A thinning base of players also helped in the decline. As of January 2003, a long standing player Ferret at Rhatagraphics Press assumed the helm of the project.[1]


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