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Dais is one of the few known unicorns found in the German furry fandom. Dais was born 1981 in a little city located southwest in what was then East Germany. She now lives somewhere in southwest Germany, between Lake Constance - (Bodensee) and the Black Forest - (Schwarzwald). She is a qualified energy electronics engineer and works at the moment as a shift leader and manager of final inspection at a medium sized firm that produces large laboratoryequipment like climatic siumulation chambers.


Dais' fursona is a slender, sand-colored, cloven-hooved, unicorn mare with reddish mane and tailtuft. She is also working on a fursuit of a black unicorn mare, which resembles her occasional darker persona. Dais can be found in the MUCK Altered Reality and sometimes in Tapestries as well.

Furdom activity[edit]

Dais attends conventions like Eurofurence and MMC. She was on the staff at Eurofurence 11 and in Security at Eurofurence 12.


She can also be found at Medieval Festivals like "Mittelaltermarkt in Horb" or "Kaltenberger Rittertunier" and some others. She does traditional archery and a bit of medieval show-swordfighting. She can be found at the archery course in Eisenbach (Deutschland - Hochschwarzwald). Dais also fletches arrows for sale for traditional archery every now and then.

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