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Dainties is a PG-13 rated fanzine which was published by Crownmere Limited (in A4 size) in two issues.[1] It was created by Sylvermane and printed by Jarlidium Press. Dainties emphasized sensuality over sexuality, and featured furries wearing lingerie, nightwear, and swimsuits.

The Dainties Second Collection was published in 2001, and contained fifty-eight pages of art (four of the pages in color) and a contact list for some of the 26 artists.[2] The front cover is by Scotty Talley, the back by John Tatman. The interior art is by Bethie Blackburn, Terrie Smith, Terry Knight, Allen Fishbeck, XianJaguar, Scale, Dustmeat, Shelley Pleger, David Bliss, Hellenic, Grrrwolf, Travis Castleberry, Matt McAndrews, RooCat, Michael Thompson, Foxy!, Max Blackrabbit, Fernando, Larylich, Simon Barber, Scott Talley, David Scherer, John Tatman, Bookie-Chan, Silverwind, and Polecat.


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