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DaiCymru, also known as Dai (born August 12, 1996), is an amateur photographer from Wales, UK. As of September 2016, he is an undergraduate student attending the University of Kent, studying for a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations, with a year of study in Japan. In September 2016, he completed a 3-month training program to acquire a Private Pilot Licence, in Brno, Czech Republic. DaiCymru has been active in the furry community for two years, having found the FurAffinity website through artwork posted on deviantArt in May 2014.

Outside of the fandom, Dai enjoys travelling, and is an active cyclist. Alongside his academic studies, he volunteers for a number of charitable organisations, including his local community library, and numerous societies within the University of Kent student union, as well as for the student union itself. He speaks two languages, English and Welsh, fluently, and has limited competency in German, Czech, and Japanese.


DaiCymru has attended Furnal Equinox in Toronto, Canada, twice; in 2015 and 2016, registering as a volunteer on the latter convention. He has registered to attend the convention in 2017.

He has also attended the EAST convention in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.


DaiCymru's fursona is a German Shepherd[1] who serves in the Royal Air Force, with the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He usually pilots an English Electric Lightning, though he can be found at the controls of a wide range of aircraft from various different times.

Dai's initial inspiration for his fursona was based on a character that had previously been used in works of creative writing, and stems from his hope to work as a commercial airline pilot, as well as from his general interests in aviation, physics, and history.


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