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Daelyhel Axon, also known as Dael and/or Dae, (born June, 1979) is a furry who lives in Mount Jackson, Virginia, United States.

Daelyhel has been around the USA quite a bit in his youth, living in all parts of southern Louisiana, to Virgina, to Texas, until finally getting to Southern California. There he met and fell in love with his mate, the snow leopardess Liavain Axon. They have three children together, two boys and a little girl.

He formerly a QHSE (Quality Health, Safety, and Environmental) Specialist for Schlumberger, and still training in his progression. He welcomed such a job within the oil industry due to the loss of his father at age 11 to the oil field, which only made him more committed to seeing employees get home safely to the ones they love.

Currently he is seeking new work within the safety field, but willing to take anything to support his family. Including picking up his artistic skills once again and getting ready to release a new gallery of furry art to the community.

Personal life[edit]

Daelyhel came to know of Furry to Furry because of a darker side of events; keeping a hidden life from his lover. During this time, he came to meet another furry whom he grew connected with. Later, Liavain discovered his secret and his hidden lover. These darker moments brought them to a new understanding of themselves, including their acceptance of their bisexuality and together they started a relationship with LunarFang aka ElunaWolf.

By discovering polyamory, it allowed them to understand that someones love can be so great, they can accept another mate within the relationship. Enlightening the three into a full three way relationship. Due to extremely sensitive and personal reasons the relationship could not become material. Despite this, ElunaWolf has remained close friends of the couple. They continued to seek another furry to be accepted within their relationship.

Seal of the Three Lovers

In 2008 Daelyhel and Liavain Axon had to leave their home during Hurricane Gustav. During that time, one of their closest friends, Fox Bluetail kept in direct contact with them. Insuring their safety and keeping their spirits up in those trouble times. During those calls and talks with one another, a fondness began to form with the three of them. After turning events, they have found themselves within each others arms. Now the three are looking forward to living together and sharing the next stage if their life.

By the winter of 2008, mid-December, the Axon family packed up and moved out to the mountains of Virginia to be with their mate Fox Bluetail. Lia, Fox, and Dae together have found their hearts and lives growing stronger than they ever expected before. A relationship never believed to be possible to have taken shape and form. Now the trio looks forward to a new addition to the family. As Lia accepted Fox's seed with Dae's blessing. Soon a Fox Kit will be born into the family.

Fursona and personality[edit]

His fursona is of a cream and tan fur pattern red wolf. The red wolf comes from his birthplace of Louisiana, as the cream and tan are a representation of his grounding in nature as well as the idea that positive and negative aspects are never too far apart. As the wolf as grown older, white and gray are visible within his muzzle and hair.

He has taken upon himself the title of Pervy Wolf Sage, as this is another representation of his well known pervy/furvert nature and the sagacious wisdom he willingly gives. But even with such a title, his fursona always takes the representation of a Native American shaman due to his Houma Indian bloodline.

Effect within the furdom[edit]

Daelyhel is also one of the five Administrators of the well known Furry to Furry Bulletin Boards. The others being Liavain Axon, Rrruff, Mestopho, & Frosty Orca.

He is also good friends of Mestopho & Frosty Orca. He has known Frosty Orca from the time they met within Second Life. While they have come to close friends with Mestopho from their time within Furry to Furry. New friendships have also been made along with the moderators of Furry to Furry, including Idesin, FallenGreyWolf, Howlinger, Kcoar, & Fox_Hound.

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