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Da Funk is a song and music video by Daft Punk. The live-action video (entitled "Big City Nights") features an anthropomorphic Bloodhound in New York with a broken leg who takes a walk with a radio playing the same song. While he is a dog, everyone else in the video is human.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

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The video starts off with the dog talking with his friend Benny. After he leaves, he begins to walk home with a radio in his hand. Two kids behind him begin to mock him and laugh about his leg. When they reach a crosswalk, the kids complement the song playing on the radio and the dog accidentally drops his crutch. The kids laugh again and walk away.

While walking further, a lady stops and asks him to take a survey. When he agrees and tells her that he lived in the local neighborhood for a month, the lady stops him and says that only permanent residents can take the survey, and that a month isn't long enough. Afterwards he stops at a boutique and looks at a Christmas display.

The dog then takes a look at a table of items that a man is selling. He finds a book entitled "Big City Nights" and wants to buy it. As he reaches into his wallet to pay for it, he stops to look at a picture of a younger him and a man(most likely his father) washing a car. A man that was talking to the vendor asks him to turn down the volume on the radio he is holding onto, but the dog says he can't. He buys the book and moves on.

Upon looking at the cover of the book as he walks, he notices a woman in a convenience store from the window. He goes inside and greets her by the name Beatrice, and tells her that he used to live next door to her, and says his name is Charles. Beatrice suddenly recognizes him, and walks and talks with him. She then invites Charles for dinner downtown and he agrees.

When the bus finally arrives Beatrice walks in but Charles notices a sign that says No Radios and hesitates, peering at the radio he's holding. Beatrice calls Charles to hurry up but then it becomes too late as the bus doors close and drives away. Charles then walks away whistling to the tune of the song.

Thomas Bangalter's comment[edit]

Thomas Bangalter, one of two members of the House duo, claimed that there is no real story and "is just a man-dog walking with a ghetto-blaster in New York." [1]

Fresh Video[edit]

The Fresh video is a follow up to Da funk and features charles in a much happier surrounding being a actor and being now married to beatrice.

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