DSF (The Dark Side of the Fluff)

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DSF (The Dark Side of the Fluff) is a former social role-playing MUCK with a furry theme. It was set roughly in the modern era, but with some futuristic aspects and some older ones.

  • Ran from/to: 1998 - 2008


  • Kaminto - Muck Owner and a bit of other stuff too!
  • Effsey - Graveyard shift janitor. Helpstaff wizard.
  • Illyanna - Builder Wizard
  • ShadowKat - MPI/MUF/Setup/building/choklit/questions :)
  • Sinasilver - Role Playing and Tiny Plots
  • Spuds - Site Administration / Muf/Mpi
  • Woof-it - Player Relations


  • Maya - newbies and basic beginner stuff.
  • Mint - Random gibberish, please ask.
  • Minuette - Lil' bit of dis... Lil' bit a....

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DSF Muck was started by Kaminto (Samuel Snell) back in 1998 as a place where friends of all ages and types could gather and interact in a safe place online.

Sometime between December of 2008 and January of 2009, the Muck had a serious database crash. Due to lack of use, the Site Admin (Spuds) decided not to bring it online.