DJ Ryu

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DJ Ryu joined the All Fur Radio family in the fall of 2008. His show airs from 3pm to 6pm Eastern Standard Time. His personality is notably energetic and his shows often consist of techno and rock music from the 1980's, though he has no restriction towards these categories.

  Tony Leugers, the man behind the alias of DJ Ryu, was born on November 1st, 1985. Around the beginning of his high school career, he was elected class treasurer by over 100 votes to the next candidate. Starting out as a joke, he took on the role with little seriousness. His campaign slogan being "I have no life, I have a mullet, vote for me." The mullet became his signature through his senior year.
  After graduation, he made good on his promise of donating his signature hair to Locks of Love; a charity designed to give wigs to children with Leukemia.