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DJ Rory (aka Rory Raccoon, Rory, or Rory Langdon) is the persona of Joe Ward, a professional disc jockey and MC. He has been performing since 1976 in the New England area where he formerly resided, he is now living in Florida and preparing a new show. Rory has performed at Anthrocon 9 of the last 10 years.

Traditionally Rory has been a Raccoon but now has evolved into a White&Blue striped Tiger/Skunk..this is now his primary avatar.

Rory (along with partner Marai McMahon & Tech boss Leonarrias Orsini) formerly had a nightclub on Second Life called "The Bahama Beach Club" where he would DJ several nights weekly, he also had other DJ's from Second Life, as well as some well known real world DJ's.

Currently due to "Real Life" issues he has had to step back from his activity's on Second Life.

Rory discovered furry in 1995 after reading a copy of Furrlough that had a Mel White story in which a character mentioned that there was a place on line where fans of anthropomorphic animals gathered to talk. After investigating there, he made his way to Furtoonia where he was a regular for many years. Currently he is returning to FurryMuck and planning some events there as well as in "real Life"

Currently life has forced him to draw back from Second Life and a major part of the "On-line life" However, Rory is still planning to return with an even "Better Club" eventually, and a net-radio show that can be accessed while not on SL

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