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DJ Fenrir, also known as Furien, Fenrir, and fallenwolf1313, is a furry crafter who resides in Missouri, U.S.A.


DJ Fenrir's fursona is a large, but athletically lean, Alaskan Wolf. He has broad shoulders, mostly black with peppered highlights, and red tribal markings along his right arm, neck, pectoral muscle, and right cheek.

Creative works[edit]

Fenrir builds chain/scale mail armor and jewelry.[1] He has been playing with and mixing music since about 2008. He plays guitar recreationally, and slightly tweaks electronic trance and hardcore.

F3 Convention[edit]

Fenrir was a DJ at F3 Convention's April Friday the 13th Furry Dance/Rave and MicroCon.[when?] On the website of the 2012 F3 Convention, he was listed as Head of Security.[citation needed]


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