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DJ Delectable (born 1984) is a furry DJ, mainly known amongst the Furcadia on-line community.


She was hired by AllFurRadio in March 2008 after working on their dream in the Furcadia online community. She was initially hired as a DJ to supplement the small staff at the new Furcadia Branch of AllFurRadio but was promoted to CEO of Personnel after reaching the AllFurRadio peak listener record of 150 listeners on April 3th, 2008.

Delectable took to her role quickly despite no previous experience and started broadcasting more often than the other staff at this time. She became very well known quickly, and her popularity amongst listeners was the greatest the station had seen. Her voice, accent and the imagery of her character lead her to be seen as a 'sex symbol' which was a factor used in her own on-air advertising and promotions. Through her tenure at AllFurRadio, Delectable had always been seen as the leading lady of the station and developed a strong fan following.

After the departure of the former head of the Furcadia branch, she was promoted to CEO of the Furcadia Branch in July 2008. She began a process of heavy recruitment and the station rose in popularity as a result. The station became more well known amongst the Furcadia community and was soon seen as a serious alternative to the then-popular WFMA Radio. By the summer of 2009 however, the station was once again in a lull. Delectable responded by hiring DJ's with more unique styles and tastes and by concentrating on competitions and give-aways on the broadcasts. It was at this time she would meet up with future key figures at her next project. The stations popularity boomed as a result of her leadership and she became very well respected for her managerial skills.

Notably, during a 'Slave Auction' event where all the DJ's were 'sold' as part of a fund raising effort for the station, the sale price of Delectable rose to $400, more than all of the other staff combined.

In June 2010, she left AllFurRadio rather suddenly after an inter managerial dispute which had been unknown to most of the stations listeners and sponsors. Upon announcing her resignation, the entire Furcadia Branch staff decided to also leave, effectively stopping operations in the Furcadia Branch. A final broadcast was made on June 11th 2010 where she announced her intent to go on with other projects elsewhere, much to the delight of her fans and supporters. AllFurRadio continued to operate in the SecondLife community separately.

FurFusion Radio[edit]

After leaving AllFurRadio, she began discussions with other DJ's, operators and technically capable people about the possibility of setting up a new station. After teaming up with another former AllFurRadio CEO, Wren Mikita they agreed to commence work on a new project FurFusion Radio. Delectable was keen to invite the former members of the Furcadia Branch, many of whom rejoined her at the new station. It was decided she would be titled 'Radio and Broadcasting Manager' and oversee the on-air scheduling, staff management and promotions of the new group.

The station went live on October 29th, though Delectable was absent from the initial starting line-up of DJ's. She has since then resumed her shows on the new station.

Shows and Broadcasts[edit]

DJ Delectable has no specific format or genre to her show, preferring instead to play various varieties of music. Her shows often include give-aways and competitions, usually of Furcadia in-game items (digos). Her persona on air is quite open and friendly, but often includes light sexual jokes and wordplay. She is a frequent host of parties and special events on the station due to her large listener base. She is often the butt of some jokes at the station for her 'sexual' image and occasional mistakes during broadcasts.

Other work[edit]

Delectable is also an accomplished creator of Furcadia Dreams. She made the original AllFurRadio dream, as well as the FurFusion Radio dream as well as other commission based work. She no longer creates dreams, focusing instead on her radio projects.