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D.L. Leonine at an Anime event in Cary, NC (photo courtesy HugeWolf)

D.L. Leonine (known as DL or Leo) is a fursuiter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Leo is a white lion. He is the alter ego of his creator, and started out as the main character of a webcomic. The comic ran from 2005-2008 and centered around Leo's real life experiences working on a help desk. The fursuit of Leo was built by Wally Wolf. A partial version was done in 2007, with the full version completed in early 2008.

Leo is a crossover character, known locally in both the furry fandom and the anime fandom. Most local fandom activity in Leo's area is anime-based (including his home con, Animazement). As Leo was inspired, to some degree, by the Kimba series, at these events, he cosplays as Jungle Emperor Leo.


  • Animazement 2008 (May 23-28, Raleigh, NC) -- 1st Place, Advanced Craftsmanship Cosplay
  • Con-Carolinas 2008 (May 30-June 1, Charlotte, NC) -- 2nd Place, Best Costume, Professional Division

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