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D.Dragon (born May 13, 1985) is a dragon who lives in Southern California. He is active in both the Furry and Transformation communities. He used to work as a freelance script writer for a sketch comedy show, but as of November 2006 is unemployed and attending ITT Technical Institute for a BA in Game Design Technology.

D.Dragon is a homebody who enjoys movies, video games, television, and the internet. He has a girlfriend, who he met in 2000 in a furry roleplaying chat room.


D.Dragon has always associated himself with dragons, and has a collection of over 80 figurines, plushies, and pictures. He prefers European dragons to Asian dragons, but likes both kinds. He got his start in the fandom as a transformation fan, and found the SoCalFurs community through a link on the Transformation Stories Archive.


D.Dragon's own media company, Dragonslayer Productions, is working on over a dozen projects, with two or three on the front burner at any given moment. Many of these projects have furry or counterculture-related themes.

"Hooked on Phoenix" - A sitcom based loosely on D.Dragon's own life. The main characters are a married furry couple living in Phoenix, AZ.

"Human Nature" - A Sci-Fi drama series involving animal transformation in a real world setting. He is writing it with his writing partner and fellow furry, Lykos Bikeanthrope

Dead Unicorn - A progressive rock band consisting of himself and Lykos.

Furstock - An outdoor furry concert in the planning stages.

FunnyBuck Media - A furry-focused production company.

"Furs Gone Wild" - "like jackass in fursuits" A project under the FunnyBuck Media group

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