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D.B. LaGhost (born June 6, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a furry artist, cartoonist, and poet.


He is a practicing cartoonist and poet. He attended technical college for a diploma majoring in computer programming, but dropped out after failing two quarters in 2009.


Some of D.B.'s hobbies include playing video games, playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, surfing the web, watching movies and television, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.

Fandom involvement[edit]

D.B. unknowingly joined the furry fandom in the fall of 2005 upon seeing some anthropomorphic transformation and cartoon art while on Google, but didn't know about the fandom until October 2009 when he join deviantArt and Fur Affinity on the same day. While D.B. LaGhost does not entirely consider himself a furry, he enjoys many non-sexual aspects of the furry fandom.

D.B. also has an interest in artwork & stories of Babyfurs since early 2010 after seeing artwork and stories from Tavi Munk, Marci McAdam, & many other babyfur artists and writers. Unlike some babyfurs, D.B. is not an AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lover). He's currently keeping his involvement to the fandom a secret to all of his friends and family.

He created his own multimedia brand named LaGhost King Central 365 Group (formerly LaGhost City Inc. ) in 2010 & DBLG Illustrations in 2016.[citation needed]


D.B. LaGhost has nine original fursona characters, their ages is the same age as LaGhost's in real life. They can age-shift from between the ages of 2 to LaGhost's current age.

  • David Brewster "D.B." LaGhost - LaGhost's main fursona, is a golden anthro tiger with maroon stripes.
  • Tucker - LaGhost's 2nd fursona, is a red fox kitsune.
  • Cobalt - LaGhost's 3rd fursona, is a dark blue husky-chipmunk hybrid.
  • Miles - LaGhost's 4th fursona, is a striped skunk with golden-orange stripes.
  • Nega D.B. - LaGhost's 5th fursona, is a dark grey Sabre Tooth Tiger with blue stripes. He's D.B.'s parallel twin.
  • Hunter - LaGhost's 6th fursona, is a brown Werewolf.
  • Lucky - LaGhost's 7th fursona, is a Red Kangaroo.
  • Tommy - LaGhost's 8th fursona, is a brown Tanuki.
  • Charlie - LaGhost's 9th fursona, is a brown Red Squirrel.


D.B.'s artwork consist of digital cartoon styles. He is currently practicing drawing and developing his own artistic style. D.B. keeps his artwork at a G-rated level and posts them mostly on his Fur Affinity account.

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