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D'anna welcomes a guest into her club.

D'anna is the owner and proprietress of the The Vanilla Club, an agelocked tavern of sorts located on FurryMUCK. It can be reached either by walking south along Furry Avenue from the West Corner Of The Park, or with the global teleport destination "vanilla" put in place by BoingDragon.

D'anna herself is surrounded by controversy for two primary attributes:

  • Her ownership and operation of an establishment that excludes hermaphrodites, shemales, and other forms of gender aside from strictly male or female on a MUCK that is normally open and non-exclusive with the exception of private, moderated, and agelocked areas. Visitors to the Vanilla Club must be either and entirely male or female to enter and are asked to remain in that current state while visiting, a policy that has been highly controversial and has resulted in direct challenges to the club's legitimacy. While the Wizards of FurryMUCK have in the past chosen to support D'anna's decision, and upheld her right to own and operate an establishment of this nature, debate, controversy, and some complaints continue to the current day.
  • Her species choice, and more specifically, how it relates to the first item above. In the "whospe" listing, or using other commands that list species, D'anna is listed as a "WTF?!?" and her description bears this out, as she appears to be a mix of feline, mustelid, and other species, and possesses no fewer than seven hands with nearly thirty fingers distributed among them, not to mention a prehensile tail and feet, wings, and extendable facial 'tendrils' which are described as being sensory receptors. This unusual physiology has resulted in some of the furs excluded from her club crying foul, calling attention to her own form, and calling her hypocritical over her policies of not permitting genders aside from male and female into her club.

Art and Images[edit]

Whether for good or ill, the attention received has resulted in D'anna's image being rendered by several different furry artists, among them Chris Kozloski who plays the character Syndra on FurryMUCK and draws the online furry comic, By The Saints; Brendan McCann of FurLicious Studios; Loup Garou; Purrtha; and Vilani. Some of the various renderings are available through the external links listed below.

Contributions to the community[edit]

Debate and controversy aside, D'anna has also been instrumental in helping to implement improvements to some of FurryMUCK's global code. At her urging, the M2 level MUF programmer Tcharf designed a modification to FurryMUCK's global WhereAre program. On April 18th 2006, the wizard Drew edited the WhereAre program to include Tcharf's code. This gave WhereAre the ability to add designated grouped rooms together and display an aggregate total on the location listing instead of displaying each room separately. And at D'anna's request, Tcharf also designed and wrote a new random number generator using a scaled-down version of the Mersenne Twister algorithm. Drew modified the global Roll program to use Tcharf's random number generator on the same day he updated WhereAre. This fixed problems with the MUCK's virtual dice system where the numbers would not only tend to repeat, but would also strongly favor a narrow range of possible outcomes instead of producing an even distribution.


D'anna is not known to discuss her player's life. Her player's exact location and gender are unknown, though she has referred to herself on several occasions as a 'Califur' and has ranted openly on more than one occasion about social and political events and situations in California.

External links[edit]

Chris Kozloski's images of D'anna can be viewed on the VCL, and accessed directly through the links below:

And Vilani's commissioned rendition of D'anna can be viewed at:

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