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D'Otter (Allan D. Burrows) (b. Nov. 6, 1957) is a Canadian writer of furry erotica. He created Otter River, a linked series of stories about a mythical otter tribe and the sexual and moral education of young N'Kanna, his friend the rabbit Lai'iya and their friends. So far, the on-going series includes Anything But Temptation, Between Fate And Death, More Dangerous Than Fire, Stranger Come A-Calling and Backsplash! (These were later removed from Fur Affinity in deference to policy revisions.)

D'Otter had a series previous to these about a future in which humans create Furry slaves. It describes the effect that they have on human society. The series, called "Furry!" included the stories "What Bunnies Are For," "No Greater Love Has Any Man," "Michelle," "Lost Cub," "Spatch -- Cat Burglar," (in three parts), "Rebecca Told Them" and "Brother Treehouse," as well as two Christmas stories set in the same "world." Unfortunately, these stories were lost in a series of computer accidents; only What Bunnies Are For survives.

D'Otter has also written stories based on the works of others. Jezebel's Pleasure is based on StormKitty's A Private Heaven. A Taste Of Heaven, (which includes a character from "Jezebel's Pleasure"), and How You Play The Game, (which includes the character Kuro St. James, created by KalebFenoir), are based on Roochak's cartoons of the lesbian cat-and-mouse couple Sheila and Sandi. His erotic horror trilogy, Hot Date with A Vampire, Hunger And Hunger and Little Sister center around his character, a vampire bat named Dominica; however, they were originally based on the character Gothica, who was created by Animus Caninus. (When D'Otter wanted to distribute the stories more widely but found himself out of touch with Animus Caninus, he replaced Gothica with Dominica to avoid copyright issues.)

D'Otter's recent works include "Back Brush," a story about the vital importance of proper grooming in a society of Wolves, and the epic erotic poem The Ballad Of Horse And Vixen. These are not part of any series and all of the characters are his own. In July 2008, he completed I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, a new Sheila and Sandi story that returns the now-wealthy Sheila to her roots in an impoverished Detroit neighborhood.

D'Otter's work can be read at Fur Affinity, as well as on Yiffstar, (now known as SoFurry.)

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