Cytose Trypsi Runeswallow

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Cytose Trypsi Runeswallow is one of a number of dragon characters in the Kitty Omega comic created by Kelvin the Lion. Cytose has green skin with scarlet red hair/fur patchings on his head, elbows, knees, and tail-tip.

In the city of Furcentral, Cytose works as a cop. On the job, he tends to have a ferocious attitude to take down even the most dangerous of criminals. He especially has an enormous appetite, that sometimes, when interrogating suspects, he eats the evidence. There are indeed countless challenges of his job with the malfunctioning ineptitude of his sidekick fish-robot, Ickthiobot. When Cytose is not working, he'll take advantage of quality time with his beloved fiance Dyloco, a purple dragoness.

But then, in Kitty Omega, Cytose goes on his biggest crime-fighting assignment yet, when Komega Purr, a nasty tiger-gal, takes an alien invasion plot to the extreme towards Earth. Cytose must not only tackle his criminal enemies, but he must also accept the challenge of becoming a hero-warrior, against Komega and a horde of space tigers, led by Trevor.