Cyryl the Dragon Mystic

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Cyryl the Dragon Mystic (Born July 24, 1989) is a dragon from Highland, Utah. He is lives in New York while he attends school.

Cyryl has been a fan of dragons as creatures an in anthropomorphic art his entire life, but was really drawn to them in 1999 when he read the Dragonlance series.

A fan of the violin and well done classical music, Cyryl has played the violin since first-grade. He was a first violin in high school. He hasn't played as part of any organized orchestra since graduating high school, but does play on his own time. When he can't find time to play, he makes up for it by listening to Prokofiev.

Cyryl also produces art, doing still-lifes in colored pencil.

Currently, Cyryl is going to school pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


The choice of dragon was made, in part, by Cyryl's dad who frequently commented on his fascination with the Dragonlance books. In time, he came to associate dragons with magic and fantasy, a genre of books he enjoyed.

Cyryl can also trace his lineage to an earlier character, Ivan, who was a mage with a great knowledge of dragons. Ivan could also shape-shift into a dragon at times. Ivan's magical abilities and knowledge one day became part of the dragon character.

He also used "dragon" as part of on-line nicknames and handles. A frequent one was "SpaceDragon," which unfortunately was already taken when he created his deviantART account. He eventually settled on DragonMystic, and this has served as a foundation for the character: a dragon well versed in magic and the understanding of the universe and cosmos.

Cyryl's final form is a work in progress. Ivan was a mage with a blue cloak (to represent calmness and neutrality) with silver lining (to represent an alignment towards good). The dragon inherited blue and silver scales, as well as Ivan's neutral-good alignment. Cyryl is a western dragon, with a pair of horns and spines along his spine. He does inherit the eastern dragon characteristic "cat-fish" whiskers, however.

The name Cyryl is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "lordly" or "masterful."

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