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Cyrin as drawn by Fallimar.
Cyrin (born August 5th, 1985) is a furry from Perth, Western Australia. His character is an anthropomorphic inflatable common dolphin pool toy.

Cyrin's name is pronounced like sigh-rinn.


Cyrin first discovered the furry fandom in 1997, via the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. He frequented the and newsgroups, at the time going by the alias Vulpie Fox (he has also previously used the aliases 'Lightning the Fox' and 'Bushy Fox'). He developed an interest in transformation, particularly artwork and stories involving aquatic species.

He arrived at his eventual fursona species of dolphin in early 2002. This arose from a long-standing fascination with the ocean, stemming from his early childhood. He first depicted his characters in stories and artwork around this time. He also discovered the local furry community, attending a small handful of furmeets in Perth.

Between 2003 and 2004, Cyrin explored other interests including balloonies and rubberfurs, and also became more actively involved with the Perth Furs.

In late 2004-2005, Cyrin developed several other characters (including a fish and cow) and completed a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.

From mid-2008, Cyrin's fursona changed to an inflatable toy, inspired by the toykin community.



Cyrin's main character (and fursona) is an anthropomorphic inflatable toy, based on his common dolphin character. He also exists as a fursuit, which was made by Suit-A-Dile in 2013.


Sahyris is a anthropomorphic fish creature (somewhat like a feral merman).


Clover is a female anthropomorphic Fresian dairy cow.


Telson is an anthropomorphic lobster pool toy, based on a real-world design by Intex.


Chesky (чески) is an anthropomorphic Siberian husky, a character created around a partial fursuit made by Lazylupe in 2016.

Furry Fandom[edit]

Cyrin collects inflatable toys. He is known for having constructed a double-layered inflatable orca suit by modifying pool toys. This was one of only a few examples of such a costume at the time. In 2010, he commissioned an inflatable cow toy from PuffyPaws.

Cyrin has previously created furry-themed digital artwork and photomorphs, but prefers to commission other artists. He has a large collection of commissioned works. He also takes an interest in creative writing.

He has previously volunteered at the Perthfur Gathering, and was on the organising committee of FurWAG, dealing with Public Relations.[1] He also volunteered at the WAFF convention in 2017 (as Event Coordinator) and from 2018-2019 (as a panelist).

Cyrin lead the development of a revamped Perth Furs community website in 2013, in collaboration with Riley Lynx. The site was discontinued in 2018.[2]

He founded the Perthfurs - SFW group on Telegram in 2014.[3]


Cyrin attends several furry conventions in Australia and the United States, the earliest of which being MiDFur in 2009. Other conventions include Further Confusion, MFF, FurDU and WAFF.


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