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Cyrin as drawn by Fallimar.
Cyrin (born August 5th, 1985) is a furry from Perth, Western Australia. His character is an anthropomorphic inflatable common dolphin pool toy.

Cyrin's name is pronounced like sigh-rinn.


Cyrin first joined the furry fandom in 1997, not long after first gaining access to the Internet, side-stepping into it via the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. He was quick to become involved in the and newsgroups, at the time going by the alias Vulpie Fox (he has also previously used the aliases 'Lightning the Fox' and 'Bushy Fox'). During this time he quickly identified an interest in transformation, particularly artwork and stories involving aquatic species.

After a period of self-exploration (and indecision), he arrived at the revised species of dolphin in early 2002. This decision reflected a long-standing, somewhat uneasy relationship between himself and the ocean, stemming from his early childhood. It was at this time that he first attempted to depict his characters and write stories relating to his principal furry interests. This period also coincided with Cyrin's entry into the local furry community, attending a small handful of furmeets in Perth.

Between 2003 and 2004, Cyrin continued to explore the fandom, exploring other furry interest groups including balloonies (drawing upon a pre-existing fascination with inflatable toys) and rubberfurs, steering his creative output in these directions. He also became more actively involved with the Perth Furs.

As the Perth furry community saw an explosion in growth in late 2004-2005, Cyrin met Fallimar, his mate for 4 years. In the years that followed, he began to explore two new species, fish and cow, coinciding with events in his life such as moving out of home, finishing a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and transitioning to full-time work. Ultimately, Cyrin chose to retain these aspects of his furry self as alter-egos, re-embracing the common dolphin species as his life stabilised.

In mid-2008, gaining a renewed sense of independence, Cyrin resumed the path of self-exploration to the point where his primary fursona changed to that of an inflatable toy. This transition was nurtured by rediscovering members of the toykin community (which he was involved with pre-2005).



Cyrin's main character (and fursona) is an anthropomorphic inflatable toy, based on his common dolphin character.

The toy's design is based on two main air chambers (tail and body, each with a separate valve) supported by a number of smaller, interconnected inflatable regions. It is constructed from medium gauge, semi-translucent glossy vinyl in four colours; grey, white, yellow and blue. Its features are simplified and of cartoon proportions, including crudely fused two-toed flippers, fin-like mittens and large, cute, green printed-on eyes. Two soft, solid plastic handles adorn its back, situated on either side of its huge, puffy dorsal fin.


Representing the darker, more sinister aspects of Cyrin's personality, Sahyris is a anthropomorphic fish creature (loosely described as a hybrid of fish, mermaid and sea dragon). Sahyris (pronounced like s-argh-riss) is a cold, calculating water-bound creature who enjoys his own company and his own predicament; being fully aware of the restrictiveness of his physical form and relishing this somewhat. The character is often used as a target form for transformation scenes, and roleplays.


Cyrin's third character is a female anthropomorphic Fresian dairy cow named Clover. She represents his female side, as well as some of his more elaborate and bizarre fetishes. Clover is, therefore, often found in combination with latex, milking and weight gain topics.

Furry Fandom[edit]

Cyrin collects inflatable toys and, to a lesser extent, plushies. Arguably, he is best known within the furry fandom for constructing a double-layered inflatable orca toy/suit by modifying pool toys. At the time of the suit's initial construction, he was known to be one of the few people who had built such a suit that was non-pressurised and featured a zip-entry. Since the initial incarnation, Cyrin has created a second revision of the design. In recent times, he has commissioned an inflatable cow toy from PuffyPaws.

Cyrin creates furry-themed digital artwork and photomorphs at what he considers to be a hobbyist level. He also takes an interest in creative writing.

He has previously volunteered at the Perthfur Gathering, and was on the organising committee of FurWAG, dealing with Public Relations.[1]


Cyrin has attended the following furry conventions:


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