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Cynergi is a furry and author. She was one of the fifty original members who joined after its launch in 2002 under the alias of Crazykitten. She remained with the site for roughly 5 years under other aliases such as Emerald Tigress, Rudolfa, Sen, Sinergy, and Dark Sinergy. As a former Moderator, she was highly dedicated to the cause of of the site, Cynergi (then known as Sinergy) was promoted to the rank of Super Moderator (later Global Moderator) by founder Sniper Fox in early 2004 and remained in that position for roughly three years.

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Cynergi took a break from several times for personal reasons to prevent her personal feelings from affecting the operation of the site. In early 2007, Cynergi declined promotion to Administrator and left due to a disagreement with Administration on how the site was being operated. Fed up with Administrators who changed stances on subjects and the constant changing of the rules and how they were enforced she finally called it quits and left willingly.

She was also a Regulator (Head Moderator) on a private site, Animatopia. Cynergi was friends with the site owner, Demindog, and was responsible for overseeing the other Regulators and Enforcers (moderators responsible for individual forums on the site). Animatopia closed in March, 2007, due to internal dissension among the administrative team. Cynergi briefly remained active on several sites until sometime in the late spring of 2007 when she finally had enough of the 'Furry' life along with constant pressures on her Real life and troubles with ISPs and a brief leave of abscence from the fandom. In recent weeks she has made a slow and steady return to the fandom and can currently be found only on Fur Affinity and, from time to time, Deviant Art.

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