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Cymaenie (born November 11th, 1985) is a furry artist who lives near the beach in Central Florida, United States. The reincarnation of a dragon that lived from 1585-1979, Cymaenie's fursona is a raccoon.


Cymaenie fell in love with anthropomorphic animals at the early age of four when he first saw "Zoobilee Zoo". Ever since then, he has watched many cartoons and movies that encompass anthro animals.

Cymaenie officially came out of the "furry closet" at the age of twenty-one. He now has several furry friends that he hangs out with, and can usually been seen rampaging around with his raccoon tail.

He has worked at attending as many conventions as he can, the last of which (as of December, 2008) was Midwest FurFest 2008.


Cymaenie enjoys writing, driving around, tormenting people (especially his friends), drawing, causing mischief, and cooking culinary delights.

Cymaenie writes his stories in his free time, writing about whatever comes to his mind. He also draws in much the same way. In addition to these talents, he has delved into graphic and website design with his home page.

He now has his own webcomic, started on January 10, 2008, titled "Re-Tail" which can be viewed on his website.

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