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CyberFox, drawn by KuschelGarou.

CyberFox is a german furry and owner of the domain, which has nothing in common with, since it is just his private homepage. He has been active in the german fandom since the late 1990s and can be found on FurNet (IRC) (#wolfsrudel, #fuchsbau) or Furbase Forum.

CyberFox's fursona is a typical, anthropomorphic european red fox with digitigrade hind legs, black paws and white front side. Sometimes he prefers the more "natural", quadruped form and also enjoys shifting between the two appearances, which makes him some kind of were. The only special "markings" are a very distinct "black boomerang" on the sides of his muzzle and a silver ring (and accordingly a silver bracelet in his quadruped form) he's wearing on his right paw since he married his wolfess KuschelGarou.

CyberFox is somewhat known for being a furry MacGyver, a caption he lives up to very much - in view of his many more or less reasonable and useful "handicraft-projects".

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