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Cyiance Fiction (also known as Cy-Fi and Cyan Crotser) is an American artist and the wife of Clan Rikier creator and co-artist Nicholas Crotser.

Cyan lives in Morton, Illinois, USA, with Nicholas, their two cats (Azriel and Gir), and their two gerbils (Nutmeg and Ginger).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Her fursona is a neon-violet anthropomorphic house cat that is part angel and black vampire. Cy-Fi often collaborates with her husband on art projects, they release this artwork under the collaborative name SweetFiction, a portmanteau of their names SweettheSour and CyianceFiction.


Most of Cyan's artwork is focused on her fursona, and based on feelings or events in her life. Her artwork can also be inspired by music; her preferred forms of music are Modern and 90's Rock.

Cyan co-authors and co-illustrates the webcomic Clan Rikier, most of her involvement is in inking and lettering of comic pages, but some pages may have more or less involvement from her.

She first began creating art in 1999; initially simple scribbles of dragons, developing to an anime style for humans. Some of this anime style can still be seen in the pointed chins and anime-type expressions used in her later artwork.

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