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CuteOmen (Real name: Elwin, Born May 21st 1985) is a member of the furry fandom, hailing from The Netherlands. He has had various aliases over the years, but he is generally known as CuteOmen, the first name he chose to adopt for his furry self, after being called that by a friend.

His fursona is a striped skunk, and much like his real life self in terms of personality and appearance. He is of the same age, same height (6'6" or 197cm), a tall and slender body, short hair, and since 2006, a pair of glasses.

Early life & first furry exposure[edit]

When he was young, he watched a lot of cartoons containing furry anthropomorphic characters, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Disney's Rescue Rangers, Tiny Toon Adventures and more. Due to these mostly English cartoons that lacked subtitles, he has picked up the English language from a young age, which still benefits him to this day.

Somewhere in his mid teens, he was given an URL to a hentai website by a friend from school. This website had a "furry" section included, where CuteOmen found artwork that interested him. A few simple searches for "Furry" afterwards and he found there was an entire community behind those type of fictional characters. However, he did not participate in the community until much later, around the age of 20.

A "sideline" fur[edit]

After much reading and interacting with people, CuteOmen finds he does not fit in with the general furry population.

Unlike a lot of furries, he is not an artist. He cannot draw and has no desire to learn. He does appreciate furry artwork, however, both regular and adult.

He is a decent writer and RP'er, which he has done quite a bit in the past. He is working on a huge story called Element Hearts, which he has been working on since he was little. It is unknown if it will ever be finished or published. From 2006 on, he has lost the motivation to write and only occasionally RP's.

He is a musician, a bass player to be exact, but he does not use his skills for the community. He isn't a natural talent that can teach himself, so he takes bass classes, which he enjoys very much. His goal is to one day be in a band, record albums and play live. He does not care much for fame and fortune. It is said he admires the bass/stick player Tony Levin. Currently, CuteOmen is not in a band yet, and it is believed that once he is, it will not be related to furries.

He does not wear fursuits of any kind. Obtaining a set of skunk ears and a skunk tail, and getting bodypainted remains something he is considering.

Living in The Netherlands, he does not attend to any furmeets or cons. He is not even sure if there are any in his country. If he would attend, we would only go with someone he knows and trusts. He has never met another fur in real life, nor has he ever met anyone off the net in real life.

CuteOmen is bisexual, and preferring relationships with women. However, unlike many of the furries he has seen and met, he is strictly monogamous and committed. He does not believe in open relationships, polygamy or polyamoury.

General interests and hobbies[edit]

CuteOmen is fond of several things. Currently, his main interest is music, specifically the rock and metal scenes. His tastes are broad, and he has a huge collection of music CD's and music DVD's. He loves talking with those that share his passion for rock and metal music, and to share MP3's and discover new bands. He also goes to gigs with his father quite often, seeing how they share a similar musical taste.

Other than that, his old passion is still alive, be it on a lower priority than it used to be. This is playing RPG's (Role-Playing Games) either on the PC or on a console such as PlayStation 2. He grew up with SEGA and Sonic and doesn't really like Nintendo's consoles, although he has played several GameBoy and N64 games and enjoyed them, such as Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Smash Bros. Final Fantasy VII was his first "next gen" game and persuaded him to seek out more RPG's and play them. His first ever RPG was a Worlds of Ultima spinoff, called Savage Empire, for DOS.

He also enjoys the occasional writing, RP'ing, chatting, walking, reading, relaxing, and more of those kind of things. As a job, he is starting to work in gardens and greenhouses, helping out in whatever way he can.

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