Curse of the Lion Men

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Curse of the Lion Men is episode #21 of the 27 episodes for the 1995 American Mega Man cartoon series. The episode written by Gary Greenfeild, is about a group of ancient warriors that are returned to life after a comet passes over the island on which their tomb is concealed. The return of the comet in its 1000-year cycle awakens a group of ancient warriors, turned into mummies, and their leader Tar, breaking the curse that imprisoned them on one of the islands of Hawaii. The warriors once took over the island in the past but were driven back into a cave and cursed to take the form of anthropomorphic lion men. A volcanic eruption sealed them in, making it their tomb. Now revived by the comet and empowered with the ability to shoot transformative red beams from their eyes, they vow to take over the world and turn all humans into lion men.

The lion men enter an uneasy alliance with Dr. Wily after he and his Robot Masters protect them against Mega Man. Doctor Light, notified of the situation develops an "Anti-Curse Machine", and flies to help Mega Man only to be captured and turned into a lion man himself, but not before hiding the device. The alliance with Dr. Wily between the lion men ends when he is turned into one as well. Mega Man finds the machine with the help of Roll, using it to turn the inhabitants of the island back into humans and Tar and his warriors into mummies where they are placed back into their cave tomb and sealed away once more.

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