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Cuprohastes (Ku-pro-has-teas) is a British furry artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cuprohastes is part owner, along its creator Sorien, of the Emerald City Tavern on FurryMUCK.


Cuprohastes' fursona of the same name is an anthropomorphic winged blue dragon described as having deep blue scales that have hard silver highlights, creating a sequin effect, though he has been known to play several other species.

Convention attendance[edit]


Livejournal's IQ Challenge Bunny

Cuprohastes was the colorist for Jim Groat's webcomic, the West Corner Of the Park. Cuprohastes also works on Anthrocon's website and layout for many print items, including the badges.[citation needed]

He designed the official t-shirt, dining guide cover, pocket guide cover, door-hanger art, print adverts and food vouchers for Anthrocon 2014.[citation needed]

Livejournal's IQ Challenge[edit]

Cuprohastes was the creator of the bunny character used in the IQ Challenge hoax.[clarify][citation needed] He only provided the artwork, although he also helped spread the meme via his LiveJournal.

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