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Cupro's Maxim states that:

All Furs are broken, to a greater or lesser extent

An Explanation[edit]

Simply put, all furries are one way or another, not normal. At the "light" end of the scale, they wish to indulge in some fantasy escapism and social conversation - people who have wonderful, fulfilling lives, do not need to escape from them. Given that a vanishingly tiny proportion of people are actually happy, then this end of the scale can be assumed to be populated by people who are very nearly normal, apart from a desire to role play a dragon with a tea fixation, nudist cervitaur or Jewish Aardvark.

At the other end of the scale are those with severe emotional, mental or social problems, who are looking for a place to belong, where they can socialise, and themselves feel normal. They may be described as "Very Broken".

It's worth remembering that if you consider someone is "broken" that you should also consider the ways in which you yourself are "broken", and as the sage says: "Cut them some slack".

The Meaning of Broken[edit]

Broken in this case refers to the definition in "The Jargon File" - a repository of "Geek Jargon", and is not a derogatory term, but a technical assessment:

  • Not working according to design (of programs). This is the mainstream sense.
  • Improperly designed, This sense carries a more or less disparaging implication that the designer should have known better, while sense 1 doesn't necessarily assign blame. Which of senses 1 or 2 is intended is conveyed by context and nonverbal cues.
  • Behaving strangely; especially (when used of people) exhibiting extreme depression.'

Un-Broken state[edit]

The concept of there being a "Broken" and "Un Broken" state is purely arbitrary, and the nominal "un-Broken" state is probably fictitious and unnatainable. Cupro's Maxim is not a particularly serious philosophical point, and is more a reminder to treat peoplewith a little care...

Cupro's Collorary[edit]

All Furs are Broken... ... This includes you.

In fact, pretty much everyone is broken. The question is, can a broken person detect broken-ness in others? The answer is: Yes. However I'd suggest that people can't usually reliably detect their own broken-ness.