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Culpeo Fox (also known as Raven S. Fox; born September 23, 1989)[1] is an artist who lives in Germany.[1] His/Her[2] [3] alter ego is, as his/her name implies, a male culpeo fox (Lycalopex culpaeus) named Sin.[4]

Culpeo works with both traditional media (including pencils, charcoal, watercolours, pastels, oils, and acrylics), and digital media (focusing on Adobe Photoshop, but also Adobe Illustrator).[5] His/Her art projects include a collaboration with Skia to produce a fox-themed deck of cards entitled Skat of Foxes.[6] Some of his/her art is controversial, as they can contain some mild bloody violence and language, with two of them depicts Sin who becomes a host for a Xenomorph when he looks into a box with a Facehugger in it.


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