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Jeremy Bernal, previously known as Cullen, is a furry artist whose speciality is furotica.


Jeremy worked as an animator for breakfast cereal commercials while enrolled at Columbia College Chicago[1] before dropping out for a career in the video game industry, during which time he worked for Parallax (makers of Descent, though he joined them after its release), Volition, Midway, MicroProse and iRock.[2] After Hasbro bought and closed MicroProse, he used his severance pay to found SexyFur. He also says he has invested in real estate, worked as a writer and general software developer, and built a biodiesel refinery in Uruguay.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

He is best known as the founder and technical/business administrator of the paysite furry gallery SexyFur and Tail Heat; before that, he was best known for a set of Photoshop tutorials on his FurNation site (no longer available). His signature characters are the female furry characters Sasha, Gunbunny, and Champagne.

He cites Chuck Jones and Don Bluth as inspirations.[2]


In July 2006, Jeremy Bernal filed two DMCAs[3] against former image-board, WTFur, for reposting non-distributable media (especially artwork from SexyFur) on their boards. His work is currently the only work banned from the site, now known as, as they have otherwise rejected the concept of a Do Not Post list. In addition, several other imageboards[4] that have Anthro sub-boards or are centered around furry content have adopted a rule (in many cases unwritten)[citation needed] wherein the posting of art by Bernal, even art he makes freely available, is a bannable offense.


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