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C-Snakes, also known as Cum Snakes, are fictional, pink, parasitic snakes that reproduce by taking over a host body and using the host infect other potential hosts. They usually do this by consuming the mind and organs of a host victim and using its skin and knowledge to impersonate the host so that they can seduce others into having sex with them. Then they invade the new host body and begin the whole process over again.

C-Snake Host types/traits[edit]

There are a few traits that are common to all host types.

  • C-Snakes generate a pink slime that absorbs into the skin of the victim causing heightened sex drive and uncontrollable urge to have sex. This slime also affects the potential host's nerves so that they do not feel pain and only a heightened sense of pleasure.
  • Original fetishes of the host are heightened or amplified
  • Can heal wounds in the host's body almost instantly no matter the severity.
  • The host loses any magical ability they may have once had, but may still use minor psionics if the host had the ability originally.

If the host is overfilled with cum snakes will display the fallowing traits:

  • Female hosts will look pregnant. Male hosts will look overweight
  • The host will grow an enlarged scrotum to hold excess snakes

Type One: fully converted Cum Snake Host[edit]

This is the most common type of host. In most stories and artwork hosts are converted into this type of zombified being that serves as a simple home to the glowing, pink snakes.

Host traits:

  • Don't register as living beings by medical scans or equipment
  • Hosts do not have bones or internal organs. They are simply a skin filled with C-Snakes
  • Have no mind of their own. The brain and all its memories are consumed by the snakes
  • Will not attack other C-Snakes or C-Snake Hosts
  • Radiate no scent or pheromones
  • Have no control over their sexual urges and act as wild, sex-crazed animals
  • Hosts controlled by advanced, or higher level snakes may not outright attack a potential victim in public, but will still try to seduce them. Lower level snakes without tact may still attack and rape a victim in public
  • Can be easily detected by GenEns and guard dogs
  • Have the ability to grow a penis if female. males have an enlarged penis. Advanced snakes can control this trait. Lower level snakes cannot and the host stays constantly endowed
  • Constantly leak pink goo
  • Lower level snake react only to the presence of organic beings. Advanced snakes can still perform as the host would normally, but may become confused by robots and non-organic beings.
  • Any essence or soul the host had is lost. Only the host's shell remains as a vessel for the snakes to inhabit.
  • Weak to fire, easily killed with slashing weapons

Type Two: Breeding Grounds Host[edit]

This type of host is moderately rare because only High Level Cum Snakes who have survived and have had numerous past hosts hold the knowledge of how to create such a host of it's victims. Advanced snakes will carefully scout out and select a proper Breeding Ground host before secretly invading the host body without their knowledge. Breeding Ground Hosts tend to be someone of strategic value.

Host Traits:

  • Register as living to medical equipment, GenEns, and guard dogs.
  • Radiate the normal scent and pheromones of the host body
  • The Host still retains whatever essence or soul they had as they are still living beings
  • Rarely modify the Host body, not wanting to reveal themselves to the Host or to others
  • Hosts have no memory of being infected
  • Snakes have psychic link to the host mind instead of destroying it, thus can alter the Host's memory or affect emotions to persuade the Host to act in a manner consistent with the snakes' wishes.
  • Prolonged infection results in either a change in the host personality to a more malevolent, a decrease in mental stability leading to madness, or destruction of the host mind reducing him/her to a Type One Host.
  • Snakes have the ability to halt a Host's movement or even make a host pass out if a host is not compliant with their wishes
  • Snakes can induce a hypnotic state within the Host or heighten sexual desire and to sensation to urge the host to have sex with others
  • Snakes can apply pressure upon a Host's bladder or intestines to urge the Host to use the bathroom in strategic locations, expelling Snakes with the waste
  • Snakes can conceal or disguise themselves as thick lining to internal organs to avoid detection by medical equipment. A highly trained physician can recognize this
  • Snakes can speed up or slow down the Host body's metabolic rate, enzyme, or bio-electric production, making the Host heal rapidly, eat less or more often or increase the Host's strength, speed or energy output
  • Snakes can induce a heart attack or similar organ failure to cause death, then reanimate a host later, though if too much time elapses between death and reanimation of the host brain damage may occur and the host is reduced to a Type One Host.

Type Three: Symbiont Host[edit]

Symbiont, or "Mostly Tame" Host is by far the rarest and most uncommon type of C-Snake Host. This is when either by super science or other means where complete cooperation between Snake and Host are achieved. Among the two ways a Symbiont Host is created super science is the most common.

Super Science can produce a Symbiont Host by capturing a live C-Snake and modifying it under laboratory conditions to behave in a manner that it does not overpower the Host and take him/her over. Even under these circumstances a Host must have the fortitude and strength of will to keep the Snakes in their body under their control. Failure to maintain this battle of wills results in the snakes taking control of the Host and the Host becomes a Type Two. The second way a Symbiont Host can be created is highly unlikely and isn't considered a valid method by most C-Snake Role Players. This unlikely scenario is achieved when a Host, by his/her own submission allows an Advanced C-Snake enter his/her own body. Such a person would have to have matching goals with the C-Snakes, no moral objection about harming others and converting them into C-Snake Hosts, or have such a fascination with the creatures that they are willing to abandon all morals in order to become one with them. C-Snakes rarely have interest in making alliances and would find it much easier betray such an offer and turn the Host into either a Type One or Type Two Host than to risk the Host having moral or personal objections to their actions later. In the unlikelihood such a union is achieved the first moment the Host has an objection they would be instantly downgraded to a Type One or Two.

Host Traits:

  • Host register as faintly living. Their minds are mostly in tact.
  • The Host still retains whatever essence or soul they had as they are still living beings
  • Hosts produce little or light amounts of their own scent or pheromones
  • Hosts retain their scent of smell and sometimes other senses
  • Hosts become overly concerned with their appearance and are prone to narcissistic behavior, like stopping often to admire their reflection.
  • Hosts' beauty and proportions are exaggerated to make them much more attractive than they were originally
  • Hosts constantly leak pink goo, but not to lack of control on the Snakes' part, but because the Hosts find it overpoweringly stimulating to resist
  • New Hosts created by a Symbiont Host are Type Two Hosts that are loyal only to the Symbiont Host, or in rare cases into other Type Three Hosts but still keenly loyal to their creator
  • Symbiont Hosts may work with or be allied with the "good guys", but they themselves are never aligned for good
  • Type Three Hosts may start out as good in the beginning, but tragically must lose some part of themselves. Usually this is the morals of the Host, degrading eventually to malevolence. The Host can also gradually loose their humanity.
  • C-Snakes in a Type Three Host increase the original fetishes of the Host much more than any other type of Host by far.

Learned Abilities (Advanced Snakes Only)[edit]

Besides being able to create and control the mind and body of a Breeding Ground Host there are other skills that an Advanced Cum Snake can learn or Master.

Learned Abilities

  • Snake Wings: The ability of an Advanced snake to arrange the lesser snakes in the Host's body into a functional, though twisted, dripping, gooey set of pink wings.

Variant: D-Snakes[edit]

D-snakes are a modified symbiotic version of C-snakes based off of Dracokon's version of them. The differences were quantified by Teraunce_Foaloke, a fairly well-known member of Furnet. Noticable differences include:

  1. They only change the host's organs slightly and form new ones, but muscle and fat and tendons are fair game.meaning they mostly don't eat their host alive.
  2. They do not exhibit any permanent mind-control over their hosts and let the converted freely convert others at their leisure, however if an opportunity arises for potential spreading the Snakes cannot take control of their host's physical body or mind.
  3. Infected females develop an ovipositor to lay Snake eggs inside new of hosts rather than growing a cock to spread with, although the ovipositor when everted looks like a shaft. When not everted it blends in smoothly with the vaginal walls.
  4. They can cause minor to major physical changes during conversion, such as giving a host a knot they always wanted, or if the Giver is really strong-willed, changing the newly symbiotized's species to some degree, hybridizing them.
  5. Hosts are not rendered sterile, although fertility is reduced significantly.
  6. Hosts do not lose Magical or Psionic abilities or anything like that given the Host is still alive and has their mind and soul.

Much like the original C-Snakes they are derived from these symbiotic versions are also free for alterations and usage in other works/art.


The most popular of all Cum Snake art is unarguably the comics created by Alyn Gryphon. The first comic has a complete storyline, though currently can only be found in partially inked and digitally enhanced text. or in it's original pencil. The story and original artwork was never completed by Alyn but still manages to capture the imaginations of it's readers. Perhaps it is the unfinished product that allows readers to finish the story out in their own minds.

The First Comic[edit]

The first comic begins when a pair of archeologist-explorers, a vixen simply named Vix and a female griffon named Felun explore the outer regions when Vix unearths a tomb containing several C-Snakes.


  • GenEns: GenEn is the term for a futuristic assistant which is a genetically engineered, sleek and exotic, talking animal with human like eyes and caring, motherly instincts and a gentle voice. Humans of the future often depend upon Genens to raise their children since many adult humans spend all their time working for their raised standards of living and have so little time to spend with their own families. Many GenEns, also known as GenXotics, retain the amazing pheromone scenting abilities of ordinary animals like German Shepherds, deer, and snakes. Those GenEns are just as good at scenting bacterial emissions and bioelectric brain currents as normal German Shepherds and wolves. Because GenEns are so close to the primal level of instincts and abilities, they also randomly possess the ability to see spirit activity and phenomenon. GenEns are not only masters of child rearing, but their skills in solving crimes before they happen and detecting truth and ill will, are invaluable tools for humans. GenEns can also detect alarm pheromones left behind by people or animals who have been attacked. GenEns also can instantly detect, from a distance, when the pheromones of a human or animal's body have changed or are unnaturally one or two molecules off. GenEn's can easily detect c-snake hosts because of this and may be the human's only hope of surviving the cum snake menace, as long as GenEns themselves do not become food or hosts for the cum snakes.
  • Runners: Also referred to as "Runner Soldiers." their job is to patrol the bad lands for Cum Snake Activity.

C-Snake artist and writers[edit]

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