Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising

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Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising was a wildlife MUCK set in Africa, primarily in the Kalahari Desert. It had an original theme steeped in tribal-inspired mythology and folklore, and was not The Lion King-themed. Characters were talking, non-morphic animals; popular species included lions, wild dogs, hyenas and meerkats. The MUCK closed due to sever issues.



  • Kifo - Head Wizard. MUCK management, rules and theme, etc.
  • Ahali - Group Management
  • Asrohc - Programming, bug fixing, etc.
  • Mme - Player Relations. Character management, newbies, conflicts, etc.


  • Adui - Mythology and Folklore
  • Duna - Assistant Programmer
  • Ntate - Tinyplots and Roleplay
  • Talo - Building and Grid Maintenance


In keeping with the game's namesake and theme, the MUCK "only allows species that are found naturally in the area" of the Kalahari Desert. Players on Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising are allowed to have no more than two lion characters of any age and gender. The second lion character can be applied for "after playing on the game for a minimum of three months".[2] Players are allowed one main character, with a "soft" "alt cap" at five.[3] "A player may only apply for a marozi/leopon if someone is advertising a litter" but there are "no such restrictions on other hybrids".[4]

"Explicit sexual roleplay" (TS) is forbidden, although it is "perfectly acceptable to allude to sexual acts or describe them using 'soft' language if they are vital to character or plot development".[5]

Mythology and structure[edit]

Many species have been given their own deities and belief systems based loosely on real African mythology, and staff regularly updates the game's wiki and forums with new pieces of folklore that tie into its backstory and any tinyplots that are running. [6]

Although the game possesses a relatively high degree of realism (prides "ruled" by more than one male lion, only the dominant pair in meerkat mobs allowed to reproduce, etc.), its mythology has become its focus; past storylines have included trickster figures meddling in the affairs of mortals, and an avatar of death's quest to destroy a litter of Wild Dogs so that he might prevent his eventual downfall.

Characters who have passed on were allowed to linger in the game's spirit world, which has a realm of its own. Before closing, COTK had four areas open for play: Ekundu Basin, Mt. Njozi, the Great Dune Sea, and the Shadowlands.


Chama'a'rangi Wild Dog Pack
  • Maji: Amri-moyo
  • Moto: Sokisi-moyo
Zimeibiwa Brown Hyena Clan
  • Shaman: Majaliwa
Ndevu Meerkat Mob
  • Ardhi: Sethunya
  • Anga: Desta
Kabambe'tapo Herbivore Herd
Talmaleki Lion Pride
  • Sheikh: Mweza
  • Lead Huntress: Ezeka


Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising supported the World Wildlife Fund and the African Wildlife Foundation. Prizes for MUCK contests would have included donations made to either organization in the winner's name.[7] The MUCK's website includes links to websites devoted to wildlife conservation.


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